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Eldoret bishop, Bishop Cornelius Koril has been eulogized as a great leader and a peacemaker. Bishop Koril came into lime light when he brought peace among Kenyans in Eldoret who were fighting during the 2007/2008 post-election violence which led to death of more than one thousand people.

Several engineers have spent four days preparing the tomb where the late bishop’s casket will be placed on Saturday during his burial. Other bishops and church leaders will lay their wrath and hold prayers inside the church where the bishop will be laid to rest. Church leaders and National leaders among other Kenyans are expected to attend the burial ceremony which will be held on Saturday 11th.

He will be buried inside a tomb in a cathedral church according to the Catholic Church doctrines that when a serving Bishop dies should be buried inside the church. This has also happened to other Kenyan bishops who have died before while in office.


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