Not only an eye witness,the details of this man will shock you.


Dennis Muigai Ngengi as he introduced himself at the scene of Wahome Gakuru’s accident is not his real name but one he has attained with time during his times of crime. Police has unveiled what many Kenyans did not know after he was arrested in Naivasha by Department of Criminal Investigations in Nakuru. He said he was a police officer while giving an account of what had transpired on that fateful day according to him.

He has been arrested in several areas in the country for several crimes but released on uncertain circumstances each time he was arrested. Dennis Muigai Ngengi is the the latest name he has acquired and used it also witnessing the Nakuru chopper crash which caused deaths of five people including the pilot Apollo Malowa. He said he was a state pilot and a great friend of the deceased pilot. He has used other names in different occasions, Alex Musyoka, Francis Karanja among others.

Among crimes the police this man to have committed include impersonation, robbery with violence, fraud with false pretense assault among others and arrested in Meru, Nkubu and Naivasha.


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