THE wreckage of the plane that went missing on Tuesday night has been found at the Njambini area. The plane is independently operated by SAX .The plane was headed to Wilson airport before it was redirected to the Kenyatta International airport due to suspected bad weather. The officials of the SAX Company which operates the plane say that the plane was flying low before it hit on a tree and crashed. The company has confirmed that the plane crash might have been caused by bad weather in the area.

Some of the victims have been found death however the information about the victims remains scanty. The bodies that have been found in the wreckage have been rushed to the Lee funeral home. The families affected still remain hopeful that their loved ones will be found alive and well.

The operations had been called off yesterday at around 6pm after darkness fell. However the families have been complaining about not receiving information from the responsible authorities and only relying to radio and television to get information about their loved ones.