Nurses strike called off.

A file photo of nurses

After much time of suffering since 15th July 2017, Kenyans finally have something to smile about as the nurses strike which has taken many days leaving to many deaths in hospitals.

This had also led to congestion in referal hospitals.The leaders of nurses union spend a whole day meeting the council of governors to end the stalemate and how their cba will be implemented


What next for IEBC

IEBC Chairman, Wafula Chebukati

IEBC have been divided over what some of the commissioners term as incompetence and lack of trust for the chairman Wafula Chebukati.This is after the oust of the commissions CEO Ezra Chiloba. Chiloba was forced to proceed to three months compulsory leave through a memo after a decision by the majority of the commissioners. This was the decision made after the commission could not account for the resources used for the 2013/2017 general elections where the IEBC CEO was forced to leave to pave way for the audit.Read more...