Why Raila Odinga want the 2010 constitution ammended

Uhuru(left) and Raila

Raila wants the constitution amended to introduce a parliamentary system where a ceremonial president who will have very little powers elected by the members of parliament. He also wants a powerful position of Prime minister introduced. The constitution is also being engineered to introduce a three tier form of government which will check the current county governments.

Raila has been out of the government for decades despite him enjoying a huge following from many Kenyans. Raila supported Mwai Kibaki for the 2022 general elections which saw Mois preferred successor Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta defeated by a huge margin. This was a move to embarrass the former president after he chose the son of his predecessor Mzee Jomo Kenyatta against their will. It was expected the Moi would chose amongst others Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, George Saitoti which unfortunately to their surprise did not come to be.

Raila however, following the 2005 constitutional referendum the two parted ways. This was barely three years since Mwai Kibaki had attained the highest office. Since that time Raila Odinga has been out of the government as an opposition leader despite big following from Kenyans.

Ultimate loser

Whenever a general election is done in Kenya, the number two in the presidential poll is seen to almost lose everything which in all this cases has happened to be Raila Odinga. He remains out of the government and does not get a chance to form the government.

Ultimate winner

The person who becomes the president gets the chance to form the government. With the current rot in our society ang the corruption crisis in the country, the president appoints the cabinet secretaries, ambassadors and other government officials. With the current rot in the society and the corruption crisis in the country, one is in good position to reward cronies, friends , family members, fellow tribesmen and sycophants.