It will be the first time the deputy president of Kenya, Willium Samoei Ruto will be putting the first stab at the highest office of the land, the State house.

Willium Ruto will now be facing his biggest political friend turn nemesis,Raila Amolo Odinga. This is having supported Raila Odinga in the 2007 presidential elections. However Mwai Kibaki won the election and was sworn in amidst controversies of vote rigging in his favour. This was followed by violence in areas where the two leaders enjoyed a massive support.

This saw Raila Odinga becoming the second ever prime minister in the republic of Kenya since independence after the grand coalition government was formed in February 2008 which ended the countrywide violence between Raila and Kibaki supporters. This was after intervention af international community, UN through Koffi Anan , the then secretary general of UN. Willium Ruto was made the minister of agriculture. However, the two leaders parted ways after they disagreed with the procedure of how the ICC cases were supposed to be handled .Ruto had been implicated in the icc cases where he had been accused for cases against humanity .

The 2013 general elections saw Ruto supporting Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. The two was facing charges against humanity at the Hague. This was seen as the main hinderance to their goal of leading the country as president and the deputy president as controversies surrounded on how they could lead the country while still facing charges at the highest court in the world. The duo won the election after having been voted overwhwlmingly mostly by the youth which form the majority of the population of the country. They were seen as youthful leaders who would liberate the youth of this country which sure they did.

Why Ruto Will be the President

Ruto has been raised from a very humble background having gone to local schools for both his primary and secondary education. He is seen as one of the most hardworking Kenyans and a go getter. Who at some point could sell chicken to make ends meet something he is proud upto today. He has beaten all odds to rise to the position of the deputy president of the republic of Kenya. Ruto identifies himself as an “hustler” which brings him closer to many Kenyans as a majority of them fall in this category. He is also a religious man and a former village preacher. It is through religion and church activities which made him meet his political mentor and a retired president, Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.

Rutos presidency will be a big break from the normal situation where the President is seen to come only from one of the three dinasties as having been brought up by a poor and unknown peasant in a village in Uasin Gishu. This will demystify the presidency which is seen as a very powerful position and one which cannot be won by any ordinary Kenyan who is not from a dynasty as his leadership is not inherited in any way.