What Next for IEBC

IEBC have been divided over what some of the commissioners term as incompetence and lack of trust for the chairman Wafula Chebukati.This is after the oust of the commissions CEO Ezra Chiloba. Chiloba was forced to proceed to three months compulsory leave through a memo after a decision by the majority of the commissioners. This was the decision made after the commission could not account for the resources used for the 2013/2017 general elections where the IEBC CEO was forced to leave to pave way for the audit.

This is after the incompetence of the IEBC was confirmed by the NASA principals towards the rerun to the 2017 presidential elections where the chairman came out boldly and announced that the commission was not in a position to conduct free, fair and credible elections.

This was soon after dramatic resignation of one of the then commissioners and deputy chair, Roselyn Akombe. Akombe accused some of the commissioners of being bipartisan and siding towards political lines to fulfill individual interests of some people in the political class which made it difficult for the chairman to make major decisions for the commission and therefore difficult to lead the commission.

The CEO had been forced to leave the commission following the pressure by the opposition leaders prior to the 2017 presidential election rerun. The government and the opposition are now divided over what next for the IEBC after resignation of three of the commissioners.

The politicians from the ruling party want the remaining commissioners together with the chairman Wafula Chebukati resign immediately to pave way for nomination of other people to the positions of the commission. The government wants a body constituted to nominate the members to the commission who will be approved by the parliament.

The opposition leaders want the chairman to resign with the remaining three commissioners and all the political parties involved in reconstituting the IEBC.