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Raila Odinga receives a grand welcome into the country

Raila Odinga arrived today at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to meet a grand welcome from his many many supporters who have been longing for his return. The NASA cum NRM-K leader was in a 10 day visit to USA. He also visited London and Dubai where he lectured several envoys on matters democracy.

His massive crowd of supporters engaged in several running battles with the police who did not want to allow them into the airport to welcome their leader, The police prevented them from accessing the facility as this could compromise the security at the airport.

At least five people dead

According to the Kenya Police Service several people have reportedly died in the altercation with the police officers. This have been criticized by NASA leaders as life bullets should not be used in such a situation. The police told off critics as some of them were involved in looting and destruction of property. However, the NASA leaders argued that life bullets should only be used to protect life and not property as no life of any Kenyan is comparable to property. A police officer was also injured in the process.

costly return

Several property has been destroyed in the city and this did not go well with Jubilee affiliated individuals. A public vehicle, a matatu belonging to Forward Travelers Sacco was put ablaze alongside a police lorry in city stadium. This according to NASA supporters was to express their disappointment with the Jubilee government.

Large convoy

The Raila’s convoy used the Jogoo road to access the city center and were unstoppable by the police police at all cost despite the efforts by the police to use teargas to disperse them.