Success is calculated.

For those of us who have been thinking that success is usually automatic or just comes in life then we have been mistaken or mislead by our motivators or our speakers who talk to us about success for quite some time.

I have listened to several success speakers and motivational speakers from all walks of life both nationally and internationally and none of them ever pointed to me than success is a well calculated, planned and executed scheme which sees someone succeed in life. This to someone else out there may seem to have come so fast and even someone would think that even them successor did not even expect the same.

Success should also have something to do with what one is passionate about and what one loves doing most. This is why 98% of successful people succeed in what they are best at and love doing.

For example when you discover your talent and you what to succeed in that particular field you have interest in then you have to know that you need to put the right energy in the same and set your own goals and draw steps to put in place so that you can achieve the goal or accomplish whatever you set to accomplish. You ought to also belief that it’s all possible and that one can accomplish their dreams despite what.

But many people blame others for circumstances around them. They therefore end up making excuses, complaining to themselves and others for their failures and their present circumstances.


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